I’ll never forget the day I found out that a friend of mine doesn’t eat fruit or vegetables. She told me as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“I just don’t like fruits or veggies,” she said. “So I don’t eat them.”

She went on to say how her parents never really made her eat them and so she has spent 3 decades of life not regularly eating fruits and vegetables. French fries, of course don’t count as veggies but she tends to appreciate those with no problem. In fact, she told me that she can’t deal with any kind of veggie if they weren’t fried. I don’t claim to be some kind of health nut but even hearing that made me gasp a bit. Fruits and veggies are life! I don’t think I’ve ever gone a day without having one or the other. I love a good junk food snack like everyone else but fruits and veggies are one of the many keys to life. You just have to have them. On a personal mission to get my friend to at least dabble into fruits and veggies. I decided that I would whip up a green smoothie for her.

Are you familiar with green smoothies? I’ve been drinking them for many years but they have recently become popular, especially for their ease. Toss in some greens (that’s where the “green” comes from), your favorite fruits, optional ingredients like nut milks, cow’s milk, yogurt or ice, your favorite toppings like nutmeg, agave nectar, brown sugar, chia seeds or cinnamon and blend. That’s it. It really is as easy as it sounds. It’s easier to burn a piece of toast than it is to make a green smoothie. The best part? They are healthy! If you stick to fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and minimal artificial sweeteners, you’ll find that green smoothies are the perfect healthy addition to your diet. They are great for breakfast and snacks and I’ve found that I have more energy when I drink a green smoothie than when I don’t drink them. I like to prepare them the night before. I blend them, toss ‘em in a mason jar and put them in my lunch bag. They are perfect for drinking on the go.

I managed to get my friend to taste a green smoothie and now she’s hooked. She has invested in a blender and makes a few smoothies a week. This is HUGE coming from someone who never ate veggies. If she can give green smoothies a try, I’m sure anyone can.

Have you ever had a green smoothie? Would you ever try one?