Tech savvy hotels are always finding new ways to change the game in guests’ hotel experience. Whether they’re using technology to order room service, or simply making the check-in process more digital, there is always something new on the map that keeps the hospitality industry evolving. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always a new feature to try out and we have done the research to present that to you. Take a look:

iPad Check-In – That’s right – just like you can check yourself in at the airport or check yourself out at a grocery store, hotels have created an iPad check-in process. Now, they haven’t gotten to the point yet where you actually do it yourself at these select properties. There is a lobby ambassador getting you through it, but say “goodbye” to long lines at the check-in counter and traditional hotel ways. At other properties, guests can check in online up to 24 hours ahead, receive a confirmation email with a barcode, scan that barcode in the lobby, and receive their key. Pretty nifty.

Control Your Room with a Remote Control- How much easier would life be (when you’re at a hotel) if you could control everything – from the lights, air conditions, TV and curtains, with a single remote control? Well, your wish is a remote control’s command! Remember the days of having to get up to close the curtains, change the air conditioning temperature, and find the TV remote? Those days are slowly coming to and end – because it can all be done with a remote control.

Borrow Gadgets – Forgot your iPad? Laptop? Headphones or camera? Pretty soon, those will all be available to borrow at hotels. A “Business Bar” will allow you to pick up the tech slack to get your work done.