As a child, the thought of having kids was thrilling. I remember wanting nothing more than to have a baby; so small, so cute, so special. I wanted to stay home and be a full-time mommy. My dreams have come true, yet still, I find myself needing a break; a time out from all the beautiful chaos that is my life.

Your Retreat

My husband and I decided that about once a week mommy needs a Mental Health Day. That was all well and good except that it wasn’t truly doing the trick to combat the stresses of working from home full-time and wearing the mommy/wife hat. So, we went to once every two months being mommy’s “retreat.” I call it my personal retreat. 

Trust me; I have gotten a lot of slack from my family for doing this. My mom had three kids, we were all two years apart, and she got “zero breaks.” I tried to explain to her that nowadays, life is so different and much more fast paced. In the midst of the chaotic symphony that I deeply love, I do need to get away to recharge my batteries.

I like to visit a hotel about 1 hour away from home; it’s far enough yet close enough. I pack nothing except clothes, comfy jammies and a notebook and pen. It’s just me and myself, and some time to re-focus on what it is that makes Clarissa, well, Clarissa. A good eyebrow plucking, some face mask time as well as some uninterrupted dinner is just what is needed. I love the fact that a hotel is so anonymous.

Mother's Mental Health Retreat

The Choice is Yours

You walk into a room with a huge comfy bed, just for you. The towels are usually white, and the whole atmosphere is spa-like. If you feel like watching some television, go ahead! You can even order a movie and watch it– make it an R rated one just for the fact that you can watch an R rated movie without worrying the kids will come in the room just as someone curses at someone else. If silence is your thing, you can get plenty of it. I will tell the hotel clerk at check-in that I am there for some quiet reflection time and that I’d like to be able to not be next to a room that is booked by someone else.

Mother's Mental Health RetreatTake a Breather

As mothers, we give out so much. There will be people who will want to make you feel guilty for taking the time out, don’t let them. In the end, if you aren’t happy, ain’t no one gonna be happy. So, do you, mama. Take a breather, revitalize the mind, soothe your soul with some one-on-one time with yourself and embrace who you are and where you want to go. Your family will get a refreshed mommy who, of course, will miss those little cherub faces after some much needed TLC from a freshly made pillow top bed and goose feather pillows.

*Clarissa Nassar is the editor of She realizes that trying to be Supermom isn’t impossible but that you must take some time for yourself as well.

Mother's Mental Health Retreat