Up and down the Atlantic Coastline are barrier islands which remind us of the wonders of that place where the sea meets the shore. Many of these barrier islands have become seaside vacation destinations, some of them so popular that not much remains of the native habitat. Not so much with Little Talbot Island State Park. Set aside to be preserved as it was in 1951, Florida’s Little Talbot Island is renowned as one of America’s undeveloped barrier islands.Therefore, you can visit and explore at your leisure the wonders that have existed there from time immemorial.

Little Island State Park

Sand Dunes

Wilderness & Wildlife

At Little Talbot Island State Park there are miles of intact, pristine wilderness and waters to explore. If you like forests, then you’ve come to the right place. There are trails through the maritime forest at Little Talbot Island that allow you to hike and see the island’s wonders up close. Do you enjoy rolling dunes and low lying salt marshes? They are just waiting for you to visit and be refreshed by their beauty. If you enjoy seeing wildlife then you’re in luck. In addition, at Little Talbot Island, you may see bobcats, marsh rabbits, river otters and many different kinds of birds.

Outdoor Activities

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to fish. The tidal streams and surf offer redfish, flounder, bluefish, striped bass, mullet, and sheepshead. Do you love to comb the beach for gifts from the sea? A lovely, quiet beach is ready and waiting. At low tide, you can walk way out. In total there are about five miles of gorgeous beach front. The southernmost beach is set aside for fishing, at the northern reaches, the beach turns to all shells. All along, there are a variety of shells to be found, including sharks teeth and sand dollars. The beach is famous for the vast and varied, beautiful driftwood trees and branches. There are clean bathrooms with changing stalls and outdoor showers.

For biking, there are excellent bike paths which are shaded throughout. And you can have a paddle along Myrtle Creek; kayak rentals and guided paddle tours are available. Whether your visit is short or long, picnic shelters and campgrounds await. If you want to savor the wonders of natural Florida, spend a day on Little Talbot Island.

Park Details

Lastly, Little Talbot Island State Park is located at 12157 Heckscher Drive, in greater Jacksonville, Florida. The entry fee is $5 per car. From Jacksonville, ride the Ferry across the St. Johns River; a short and refreshing experience. Then make the short drive to the park. You can start planning your trip here.

Little Talbot Island State Park