There are an endless amount of beauty in the national parks in America. From Yellowstone to Yosemite, there’s no doubt that America is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Most of us don’t have the opportunity to travel to those far American states, such as Alaska. However, if you do find yourself up there, don’t miss out on a chance to see Lake Clark National Park. Located in the stunning southwestern Alaska, Lake Clark National Park, and Preserve is famous for its rocky mountains, glittering lakes, volcanic steam, salmon run and some of the most scenic and picturesque locations in the world.

Turquoise Lake Outlet

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Don’t be surprised if you can’t find directions to Lake Clark National Park, as there are no roads that lead right to the park and can only be accessed by boat or a small aircraft, such as a floatplane. However, once you get there, you will be in for a world of endless outdoor adventure. Visitors can enjoy streams, lakes and a very wide variety of recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, bike riding, flightseeing, kayaking, rafting, and so much more that anyone can enjoy.

Silver Salmon River

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Additionally, there are three National Wild Rivers within the park – Chilikadrotna, Tlikakila, and Mulchatna Rivers – that have long been havens for rafters and paddlers. Lake Clark is popular to sport anglers because of its watershed that is is one of the world’s most important producers of Bristol Bay red salmon.

Lake Clark, Alaska

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The park is home to three extraordinary mountain ranges, a pristine coastline, beautiful rainforests, plateau with alpine tundra, major salmon-bearing rivers, glaciers, and two volcanoes. Lake Clark Park and Preserve is also home to some of Alaska’s most breath taking scenery including several mountains, glaciers, granite spires, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and the largest lake in Alaska.

Coastal Brown Bear Running

Lake Clark stretches across 5625-sq-miles from the Cook Inlet all the way to the Chigmit Mountains. The park contains subarctic wildlife species such as moose, brown and black bears, the Mulchatna caribou, Dall sheep, and wolves. Others include beluga whales, harbor seals, Steller’s sea lions and otters, Arctic char, Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling, trout, and rainbow trout, among many others.

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