Road trips are a rite of passage for every family. They test your familial bond, as they require many hours spent together in the car, where you must entertain one another and get along. Your child’s tolerance can wear thin during long periods in the car, which can ignite misbehavior. It is important that you have certain tools and tricks at-the-ready, whenever your child enters into a state of boredom, so you can defuse any agitation or tantrums. Luckily, there are a lot of games that are both entertaining and educational, which suit many personality types. Here are some of the best educational activities for kids– broken down by subject– that will make for a happy and fun road trip.


Make math fun for your kids with app games. Provide your child with a tablet that has many kids math apps downloaded– in case they get bored with one, they can switch to another. Ace Kids Math Games teaches kids how they can count, add, and subtract. The program uses visually captivating and fun animation throughout the exercises so your child stays engaged. The app is suitable for kids ages 3 and older– the math skill level can be adjusted by the parents and will increase in difficulty as your kid completes each level.

Mathmateer is another app where your child can enhance the basic skills of numbers, telling time, U.S. money, 3-D shapes and arithmetic. The program is based around a space theme, where your child builds their own rockets, as they complete each math mission. If your child is a fan of rocket ships or space travel, this app will keep them entertained for hours.


Children In Back Seat Of Car On Journey With Parents

Reading is one of the best ways your child can pass time. It enhances vocabulary and helps build reading competency. If your child is a bookworm who flies through chapter books, it may be difficult for you to pack enough reading material that will keep up with his book consumption. Purchase a family Kindle, where your child can download his favorite books or book series. This reading device saves space and makes it easy for your kid to have lots of stories at his fingertips.

Another vocabulary-enhancing activities include word puzzles or spelling games. You can conduct a mini spelling bee in the car, and create a point and reward system for correct answers. You can also create word puzzles online that will help build your child’s vocabulary and provide them with a fun game.

Foreign Language

Second language acquisition is important for the development of your child’s brain and will give him a leg-up in all of his academic pursuits. There are apps that will help your kid grow the skills in the foreign language he’s chosen to learn. The Fun Spanish app has fun games that will teach core vocabulary and presents the word in various contexts. The app uses both male and female voices, which exercise various tones and expressions– this helps you child learn the nuances of pronunciation and helps them imitate the accent of the language.

The lessons include numbers, the body, fruits, food, clothes, vehicles, home items, and sea animals– displayed through cartoon artwork, original music and songs and fun sound effects. After your child has completed a lesson on the app, you can play a game in the car where everyone must name, in Spanish, the various items they see.