Whether driving or flying when going away on a trip, there are several precautions to take in order to keeping your money and valuables safe. In today’s world, especially in large cities, it’s a common occurrence for pedestrians to be pick pocketing on the street. Even in a hotel room, your money is never truly safe unless you take the extreme precautions to ensure that you don’t return to find that it has been stolen. Take a look at a few of our ideas on how to keep your money safe while traveling.

Use Both Cash and Credit

A combination of both can be a great way to watch your spending. It’s so easy to swipe your card when on vacation, without ever keeping track of overspending. However, when using cash, you can more easily keep a budget and limit your spending. The only downfall to cash is that, if you lose your wallet somehow, cash is irreplaceable. So try not to use just cash is possible.

Use a Money Belt

You probably haven’t seen one before because of how well they are hidden. Using a money belt is a great method for several reasons – mostly because you can keep your money in different places. Keeping all your cash in cards in your wallet leaves a higher risk of losing everything should you lose your wallet or get pick pocketed. Many travelers use a money belt, which can be carried in multiple areas on your body.

Keep Luggage Locked

Whether you’re keeping your luggage in the hotel room while you’re out and about, or going to the airport, keeping your luggage locked is an absolute essential to ensuring that your money and valuables are safe. Be sure to keep the lock in a safe space and with you at all times.

Keep Cash Out of Sight

This is one of the most important to making sure your money is safe. It can be easy to whip your stack of cash out when you’re at a bar, but always be aware of who’s around you. When shopping or dining, keep your money secret and safe so it’s not in public sight.

Use the Lock Box in Hotel Room

Just about every hotel room around the country provides a safety lock box to keep your personals. You can set your own passcode to get in the lock box, so no one else will have access to it. If you’re spending the day out, but want to keep you stack of cash behind, keeping it in the lock box is an excellent way to make sure it will be safe.