For some of us, the beginning March and April mean the beginning of spring, but for those people who run maple sugaring farms, it’s the best part of the season! Maple sugaring is the process that results in America’s favorite breakfast condiment, maple syrup.

All over the northern part of the United States, from New England to Michigan and in lower Canada, people are gearing up to collect the frozen sap of the maple tree as it starts to thaw. This sap is collected in buckets and then brought to the sugar shack where it is boiled down until it becomes that golden amber syrup served with pancakes on Sunday mornings.

What you might not know is that sugar shacks all over the country love having visitors come and learn (and taste) the maple syrup process. It’s a great activity to bring the kids along as well, since it’s really fun and a totally unique experience.

In fact, many of the state maple syrup associations will host full weekends at the end of March and beginning of April that showcase all of the various products that these producers can make from syrup to candy, with plenty of taste testing allowed.

Here are few upcoming maple syrup events that are coming up.. You have to make sure to take a drive and check it out, there is nothing like having fresh made pure maple syrup, you won’t go back to the supermarket brands after that!

Hebron Maple Festival In Connecticut, early March is the best time to experience the best maple sugar creations around. At the Hebron Maple Festival, guests can enjoy activities, entertainment, and delicious food items like maple doughnuts, kettle corn, soup, cotton candy and more.

Maine Maple Sunday
Each year on the fourth Sunday of March, maple sugar shacks across the state celebrate Maine Maple Sunday. This is the best way for locals and visitors to learn about the process first-hand, taste fresh maple syrup and more!

Vermont Maple Festival — In its 48th year, the Vermont Maple Festival is held the last weekend in April in St. Albans, Vermont. This features a lot of kid friendly events like a talent show and parade.

Shepard Maple Syrup Festival — For those in the Michigan area the last weekend of April, swing by this festival that features events like a maple syrup bake off and a 5k race.

Wakarusa Maple Syrup Festival — This Indiana town is holding its 45th annual maple syrup fest featuring musical entertainment, a parade, bake off and 3 on 3 basketball competition.

As you can see, there is plenty of fun to be had around the country these next few weeks with the maple syrup events being held. Swing by one and let us know what you think!

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