Let’s face it, as much as we love soaking up some of the sun’s rays and jumping into a nice cold pool, sometimes, it’s just way too hot to spend any time outdoors. In the dead of summer when kids are out of school, being outside in the middle of the day can lead to heat exhaustion, dehydration and too much sun.

The beauty of summer is that there are so many fun and exciting things to do indoors to relieve you from the blistering heat. Whether you spend the day on a solo adventure or plan to take the whole family, there are plenty of indoor activities to do for everyone to enjoy.  Check out our top 10 best indoor adventures to escape the heat this summer.

Father and Son at the Aquarium1. Visit an Aquarium
If you live near an Aquarium, hop in your car and head on over! It’s cool temperature wise and entertainment wise. An aquarium is fun and educational for all who choose to spend the day there.  Enjoy your hot summer day inside a nice cool Aquarium while learning about life under the sea.

2. Take your Family Bowling
Bowling is always a good time no matter who you are with. The best thing about bowling is that you can go anytime of day and always be guaranteed to have a great experience. So if you’re trying to find something fun to do in the middle of a hot afternoon, head over to the bowling alley!

3. Go to a Movie
Going to the movie theater doesn’t just have to be an evening adventure. Check your local theater listings to find a good movie that is playing. You can buy as many tickets throughout the day as you please and you can load up on as much popcorn as you want!

4. Do Some Baking Experiments
This is fun especially if you have little ones. Why not have some fun in the kitchen baking cakes, cookies and other goodies that the kids can help out with? You may have a messy kitchen at the end of it, but you’ll have happy kids who aren’t running around in the summer heat!

5. Visit a Historical Museum
Similar to visiting an Aquarium, walking around a Historical Museum, such as the American Museum of Natural History, is a great way to kill a few hours in the middle of the day while staying indoors.

6. Go Swimming at an Indoor Pool
You can still swim inside! Find a local indoor pool where you can go to get your daily swim exercise or take the kids for a few hours.

7. Indoor Go-Kart Racing
Do you have the need for speed and a lot of bumping around? Go-Karting is always a fun adventure and even more so when you can find a location that is indoors.

8.  Hit up an Arcade
Want to play video games for hours? Why not! Check out a local Dave & Buster’s or a hometown arcade where you can bring your kids for a fun afternoon of laughing, playing and hopefully ticket winning!

9. Find an Indoor Ice-Skating Rink
Most people don’t think to go ice-skating on a hot summer day. Most associate ice-skating with winter, however, if you can get to an indoor skating rink, why not lace up a pair of skates and hit the ice?

10. Find a Roller Skating Rink
If you don’t live near an ice rink, it only makes sense to find a regular indoor skating rink. Listen to upbeat music while gliding away on a pair of roller skates. This is surely an adventure for all to enjoy.