Image Source: http://itunes.apple.com/

Radio lovers, brace yourselves for this one – if you’re a fan of listening to tunes of all genres for FREE, we think you’ll love everything about iHeartRadio. Available on both Google Play and in the Apple Store, iHeartRadio allows users to not only listen to the radio stations in their area, but radio stations nationwide, as well. If a business trip took you to Dallas, Texas but you can’t manage to find your favorite radio talk show on their airwaves, the iHeartRadio app may have it!

Like all mobile apps, iHeartRadio isn’t ALL perfect. For one, your favorite station may or may not be on the app. Reception may be terrible and because it’s a FREE app, you’ll have to endure commercials every few minutes. Then again, we seem to run into the exact same “problem” when we’re listening to the radio in our cars as well. Commercials or not, iHeartRadio is a fantastic app for music lovers and radio listeners alike.

Any iHeartRadio fans in the house?