Hurricane Irma is predicted to hit Florida later this week. It is important that those living around or visiting near coastal areas are prepared for the arrival of the hurricaneToo often, situations end up disastrous because very little to no preparation took place ahead of time. In this post, you will find tips on travel safety during a hurricane. In addition, information on attractions, flights, and where to get weather updates.

Hurricane Safety Tips

1. Before traveling, check weather websites and channels. Don’t just look at the days of your travel but the days after, as well. Hurricanes can change their path within days.

Hurricane Preparation For Travelers2. As with any trip, be sure that close family members and friends have your travel information as well as lodging details. If a storm does hit, it’s important that they can know of your whereabouts.

3. If you’re traveling with other people (coworkers, friends or family), make sure that everyone is aware of what to do if a storm strikes. Adopt the buddy system or ensure that everyone is well-versed on where to meet.

4. If you find that traveling during a storm is inevitable, do some research on where evacuation routes and shelters are located. If you are traveling with a pet, keep in mind that not all shelters allow pets. Local humane societies may be helpful in finding animal-friendly shelters.

5. Whether you’re staying with friends or at a hotel, get to know the area a bit before arriving. Find out if there are drug stores, eateries or shelters nearby.

6. For those traveling by airplane, be sure to download the airline app and sign up to receive flight alerts to stay updated throughout your travel.

Airline app for travelers

7. If you are driving, be sure that your car or rental car is in good condition. In addition, make sure that your oil levels are up to par, you have a spare tire and that you have your AAA card on you. If you can, be sure to keep a full tank of gas in the car at all times.

8. If you booked a vacation package through Disney, another theme park, or a cruise line, contact your booking agent to understand the terms of your purchase. Also, follow the cruise line or theme park on social media to follow updates to their status throughout the hurricane period.

9. Download the American Red Cross Hurricane App to your smartphone. As technology savvy as we are all these days, it just makes sense to not only have an app that can help monitor meteorological conditions but also acting as a resource. The app is useful for tracking storms, and it also has features that we find incredibly useful. The app is available for download on Android and iPhone.

Hurricane by American Red Cross iPhone app

Hurricane by American Red Cross iPhone app

10. View the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center site. This is a great resource those traveling as well as for residents. We highly recommend completing and printing out the Family Emergency Plan.

Natural disasters are indeed nerve-racking and can be terrifying. Knowledge is power, and we hope that these tips help you realize how important it is to stay informed. You can find additional information on hurricane safety here.

Hurricane Preparation For Travelers