There’s no place that captures the beauty of the American south quite as perfect as South Carolina. From the southern comfort to the woodsy outdoors, South Carolina is the epitome of the south. When you’re looking for that perfect place to pack your bags and enjoy a weekend away, Hunting Island State Park is just the place to go in the state of South Carolina.

Why is it such a sight, you might ask? Read on to find out…

The Hunting Island Lighthouse

The Hunting Island historic lighthouse is the only lighthouse open to the public to climb in South Carolina. From the very top, guests have access to the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, as well as other beautiful views of the park.

Hunting island lighthouse- south carolina state park

Hunting Island Lighthouse

If you didn’t already know, Hunting Island State Park is one of the most beloved state parks and beach areas in South Carolina. Believe it or not, the area attracts over a million visitors a year and most can’t get enough of what’s there. They fall in love with it so much that they end up going back and back.

Maybe it’s the powdery white sand beaches, or maybe the scenic area and the infinite Atlantic Ocean that make this a perfect getaway. Hunting Island is home to a famous campground, which has plenty of space for RV’s and tent campers, as well as a primitive camp site for those who like to pitch a tent. The camping area has access to the beach as well, so you don’t have to travel far to dig your feet in the sand.

Hunting island - south Carolina state park


Fishing is a must in the lagoon and is very popular. The fishing pier stretched to over 1120 feet into the Fripp Inlet. The Nature Center is located at the pier entrance and has some extraordinary exhibits featuring the local wildlife and marine life. There are also several nature trails for hiking through the beautiful wilderness, a Visitor Center as a resource for you, the beach and even a spot for boats. Hunting Island State Park is not just a beach,it’s a nature and wildlife paradise that offers more than most other beaches in America.

Are you interested in visiting Hunting Island beach? Be sure to check out the visitor’s website for additional information here.

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Hunting Island State Park