With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to do for your special someone. Planning a surprise getaway is a great idea for spicing up your Valentine’s Day, but it can be a little tricky to plan.

So how do you pull off a surprise getaway?

1. Choose a destination.

The first and foremost thing is, where are you going? Usually for a weekend getaway, it’s best to choose a destination within driving distance. A destination within 2-3 hours is a good amount of driving time to avoid spending too much time getting there. Try and pick a spot you’ve never been before where you can explore new restaurants and areas together.

2. Find things to do.

If you’re going to a completely new location and trying to find things to do (without the help of your significant other) check out the town’s visitor’s center or blogs about places to go in that destination. The visitor’s center can tell you the best locations for restaurants, bars, hotel accommodations and entertainment.

3. Keep it a secret.

So how do you keep this a secret to the person you’re surprising? First, be sure to clear their schedule. This means you’ll want to plan fake activities for the entire time you’ll actually be away. Avoid planning a trip while they’re supposed to be at work so you don’t have to get vacation requests approved ahead of time.

Next, plan a date for Friday night. Pack accordingly! You should already have their getaway luggage in the car. Don’t forget the essentials, and be sure to pack things you know they like to wear but won’t be missed in the days leading up to your trip. If you’re going to a a beach destination, make sure pack swim suits, etc. If you’re headed to a ski trip, make sure to pack warm clothes.

Finally, on your way to your “date” on Friday night, start heading for your secret destination! They won’t believe you have an entire romantic weekend planned.

Have you ever planned a surprise getaway? Where did you go? Share your experience in the comments.