There comes a time in every pet owner’s life when he or she will need or want to bring their furry friend along on a trip. Whether planning a solo trip with you and your pup or going away on a family vacation, bringing a pet along takes a bit of preparation. From the hotel accommodations to pet-friendly attractions, it’s crucial to plan ahead to guarantee that everywhere you go allows pets. Take a look at some tips we have on how to find pet-friendly attractions and accommodations.

Do a search on

First and foremost, check out, an advanced travel directory for all pet-friendly destinations in any city, state and/or country. From pet services, to hotels, to air travel, is the top pet website on the Internet. Let them help you make your pet travel arrangements no matter where you’re traveling to in the world.

Talk to some of the locals

If you’re traveling to a city you’ve never been to, ask some locals. There are several message boards, and travel sites to check out online that will provide you with the answers you’re looking for. Once you get to town, don’t be shy! Walk up to fellow pet-owners at a park and pick their brain about great pet-friendly attractions in the area.

Call your hotel’s concierge

If you found a hotel that is pet-friendly, but are clueless as to local attractions, your hotel’s front desk agent and/or concierge will have all the answers for you. They can put together a list of several local hot spots that welcome pets to eat and play.

Ask a friend

This works if you’re traveling to a destination that a fellow pet-owner friend has visited before. You can even write a social media post on your Facebook or Twitter and receive feedback from your friends and followers.

Do a search on Google

Last, but not least, hop on the Internet a do a Google search. Google will provide you insight from several different sources, and you can even specify what type of activity you’re searching for such as; best pet-friendly farmer’s markets in… Each time you punch a question into Google, you’ll receive an adequate amount of feedback to make some set plans.

Have you traveled with your pet recently? What was the most effective way for you to make proper travel arrangements? Tell us about it in the comments!

Finding Pet-Friendly Attractions and Accommodations