If Walt Disney World has been on your radar but your budget is slim, you can still explore all Disney-everything without stepping foot into a park. And yes, we know, the park is the real experience and nothing can compare to it but if that Mickey Mouse bug just don’t let you be, there are plenty of ways to get your Disney fix on while sticking to a budget.

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is our first pick for really enjoying the Disney World experience without heading to the parks. Not only is parking free (trust us, this is a big deal) but vistors can stroll up and down the area without having to pay any cover charges. Restaurants, entertainment shows and plenty of stores with Disney paraphernalia are abundant and it’s a great family-friendly spot. Downtown Disney is also great for families who have just had enough of the parks but don’t want to be cooped up in their hotel rooms either. At night, music has the streets jumping and the energy is alive and fun for all ages.

Disney Quest

Disney Quest is located at Downtown Disney and this interactive theme park is a great place for older kids and adults who need a change from the crazy heat that Central Florida can bring. Techies will enjoy the various games, 3D encounters and building their own roller coasters. Ticket prices are reasonable and are far less than that of a park ticket.

Visit the resorts

Even if you aren’t staying at the resorts, there isn’t anything stopping you from stopping by and visiting them. Many have wonderful restaurants that are open to the public. Resorts like the Animal Kingdom Lodge are great for visiting because of the beautiful artifacts and features.

Splitsville Luxury Lane

Are the kids getting restless and they want to do something indoors? Splitsville is perfect for all ages. Also located at Downtown Disney, Splitsville has several bowling alleys, live music and dancing and delicious food.