For some of us, summer is the best time of year. Whether we love it for the weather, the vacation time, or the fact that there’s no school, the best time to travel is definitely in the summer. The only downside to traveling in the hot weather months is just that, the hot weather! Just as there are certain precautions to take when traveling in the winter, there are also way to make traveling in the heat easier to prevent heat exhaustion or discomfort.

Whether you’re traveling to the deserts in Arizona, or the beaches in Florida, there are so many ways to protect yourself from the hot weather while traveling. Check out some of our tips to take into consideration.

Dress Accordingly

There’s no doubt that when it’s hot outside, you want to wear clothes that will keep you cool. Light cottons, t-shirts, shorts, sundresses for girls, etc. Especially when you’re traveling, you’ll want to stay comfortable. Whether you’re traveling to the beach or a theme park, be sure you wear clothes that will keep you as cool as possible!

Hiker Filling Up Water Bottle

Stay Hydrated

Another important tip to keep in mind when traveling to a hot weather destination is to stay as hydrated as possible. If you’re traveling to the dessert, you’ll want to bring plenty of water! If you’re traveling to a more humid climate, still bring a lot of water. This will keep you cool, hydrated and energized so you can comfortably enjoy your getaway and activities.

Bring a Misting Fan 

You can find a portable misting fan at just about any Wal-Mart, Target, or convenience store for as little at $6! The misting fans are a hand held fan that spritzes water while cooling you off with air. This will help keep you cool in most warm climates.

Hot Summer Day at the Beach

Wear Sunscreen

Especially when heading to a theme park or the beach, sunscreen is a must to protect your skin from harmful sunrays. Be sure to get the correct SPF to be sure you’re getting full skin protection. 

Keep an Umbrella Handy 

Whether you want to use it as a shield from the sun or an unexpected rain storm (which happen almost everyday during the summer in Florida), an umbrella is a great accessory to keep handy for any hot weather destination!

Do you have any hot weather travel tips? Tell us about them in the comments below!