Jackson Hole, Wyoming

There’s no better place to explore on horseback than Wyoming, home to modern day cowboys. Jackson Hole is located just outside of Grand Teton National Park, so the horseback riding trails here offer breathtaking views at every turn. Plus, you may get to see wildlife like elk and moose!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

One of the most unique places in America to enjoy a horseback tour is in Gettysburg, PA, where you can approach the battlefield just as the soldiers did in 1863. Some of the tour groups in town even offer tours led by Union and Confederate Generals!

Virginia Beach, Virginia

When you take a horseback riding tour in Virginia Beach, you’ll choose from two incredible experiences – riding on the beach and riding in the ocean! Even experienced horseback riders often haven’t tried these fun locations for riding. Visitors of all ages love these Virginia Beach tours.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs offers one of the most beautiful horseback riding locations in all of Colorado: Garden of the Gods. You’ll ride your horse on trails that weave through towering red rocks, all with Pike’s Peak in the background. Plus, the horseback tours in this park will allow you to see more of the park than you could see on foot.

Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada

If you’re looking for the perfect summer horseback riding tour, Lake Tahoe is for you. Trails in this iconic destination feature views of this beautiful alpine lake and the surrounding mountains. During the winter, you’d need to opt for a horse-drawn sleigh, but don’t worry – they offer those too!

Image Credit: Goosewing Ranch