We love holiday time! There’s so many fun ways to get into the holiday spirit, and one of our favorite ways to spread holiday cheer is by sending holiday cards. However, there’s a little twist we like to put on how we send cards, and that’s having it postmarked from a holiday themed town!

The North Pole? Santa Claus? These places actually exist in America, and how fun would it be to send your cards right form these towns? Check out some fun Holiday Postmarks in America.

Snowflake, Arizona

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? However, Snowflake, Arizona truly does exist and Arizona does, indeed, receive some snow (in the mountains) at certain times of the year. If you live around this area, check it out and send your Christmas cards!

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

This little town of Bethlehem is certainly the most festive Christmas City in Pennsylvania. It’s also well known for its famous six-week festival, Christkindlmarktet.

Christmas, Florida

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing holiday friendly about Florida! The only thing that can get you in the spirit is the city called, Christmas, FL and for those Floridians, why not postmark your cards from this little town?

Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus is definitely coming to town in Indiana. In fact, he’s already in town in Santa Claus, Indiana! This tiny town is home to 2,000 residents and is home to Holiday World Theme Park.

North Pole, Alaska

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they see a letter from Santa, complete with a postmark from the North Pole! The funny thing is that, there is really a North Pole in the beautiful state of Alaska!

Christmas Valley, Oregon

Christmas Valley, Oregon may not look the part, but the town hosts a festive parade and caroling event each and every holiday season.

Rudolph, Wisconsin

So you can have your letters postmarked from Santa Claus, or you can have them postmarked from Rudolph, Wisconsin! This little town was founded in the 19th century and way before Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was even thought of.

Noel, Missouri

This isn’t the first Noel, but Noel, Missouri is a cute little town that will make your postmarked letters a little more festive this season.

Joy, Illinois

Joy to the world in Illinois! A small town about 3 ½ hours West of Chicago, Joy, IL never misses a season to get creative and in the holiday spirit.

Evergreen, Alaska

Evergreen is way more than a festive name for the holidays, it’s actually named for its evergreens in Alaska, and each year the residents integrate their Christmas celebrations for the evergreen that symbolizes the holiday.

Thanks to @tabithakristine on Twitter for tipping us off that there’s a Santa Claus, Georgia!