It’s that time of the year when you will be going to holiday parties and/or hosting parties. It’s not enough to order a ham, buy a few bottles of wine and call it a party. If you’re one of the few who get the pleasure of hosting your own party, take a few of our tips into consideration during your planning

Tip 1: Offer Plenty of Food
If you’re planning a social gathering with several people, you’ll need to have plenty of appetizers, snack and hors’ dourves ready for your guests! Party goers usually enjoy a large variety of cheese platters that are all slightly different: some with fruit, baguettes and a yummy spread, crackers, apples and mustard. Keep a crock pot prepared and ready to service with some delicious meatballs or order some chicken wings. ¬†Remember, don’t forget plenty of napkins, paper dishes, and plastic utensils!

Tip 2: Play Music
Now that you have great snacks, the next important step is to make sure you have upbeat music playing. If there is one staple you need for a great holiday party, it’s great music! Don’t be afraid to mix up your tunes, too. Throw in some classic Holiday songs, mixed with some contemporary ones and today’s best hits. Make sure to keep plenty of floor space for your guests to dance around!

Tip 3: Find a Venue
The first step to planning any party, but especially a holiday one since they book quickly. Choose a nice local restaurant, hotel or meeting venues would that provide an elegant backdrop to your holiday party. Don’t overlook the idea of hiring an event planner to help you along the way, especially if you’re hosting a party with a lot of people.

Tip 4: Decorate
For your holiday party, you don’t have to spend your entire savings account to make sure your party looks spectacular. However, you do need to make sure you add some festive and elegant lights around the area to give it that holiday sparkle.¬† Also, put out some season fruits and vegetables for natural color. Add around some inexpensive tea lights. Centerpieces or wreaths can also set an elegant and festive mood. Don’t be afraid to hire a decorator if you feel that this is not your specialty at all.

Tip 5: Be Charitable
Holiday parties are a great opportunity for giving. Ask your guests to bring a small, unwrapped toy or a canned food item to donate to your local Salvation Army, Red Cross or other non-profit. Happy Holidays!