Do you love a good ghost story? Obsessed with hearing about spooky mysteries that have occurred over time? Feel a kinship with spirits?

If the answer is a resounding yes, then you have to take a road trip to experience some of the most epic haunted hotels across America. Where else can you feel those chills when someone or something enters a room, hear creaks in the floorboards and knocks on the walls, or even enjoy a conversation with a spirit or two?

To really get the feel of a haunting or two, you have to check out some of these haunted hot spots that are at the top of the list.

Hawthorne Hotel

When your hotel is located in the heart of the town put on the map for Witch Trials, chances are there will be more than a few ghosts hanging out. The Hawthorne Hotel located in Salem, Massachusetts, has had a number of reports from guests of eerie feelings and sounds coming from the stairwells.

Hotel Provincial

New Orleans with it’s Voodoo history is no stranger to ghosts, which is why the Hotel Provincial is a perfect place to stay when on the hunt for haunted spots in the Big Easy. Since this hotel started as a hospital for Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, there are plenty of spooky stories, and sightings.

Hotel Queen Mary

This grand hotel was once one of the most incredible boats in the world, but the Queen Mary, and a few of it’s passengers, have suffered from tragic times as well. Staying on this floating hotel will leave you peeking around every corner for the many guests who have appeared to never disembarked.

Stanley Hotel

It’s scary enough for any place to have inspired intrepid horror writer Stephen King, but not only did the Stanley Hotel serve as the inspiration for The Shining, it also has a few ghosts of its own. If you really want to be quite close to the action, request to stay on the fourth floor, where people have reported hearing children laughing and playing, servants wandering and the ghost of former owner, Flora Stanley.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The glitz and glamor of Hollywood isn’t enough to keep the spirits of a number of ghosts, including that of Marilyn Monroe, that have never left. Many visitors to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel have offered reports of feeling cold spots, seeing floating color orbs and even hearing phone calls from a mysterious operator located inside the hotel!

For a night you truly might never forget, any of these hotels might just be able to offer a few ghost sightings, if you’re lucky.

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Image Credits: Stanley, Mary