America is made of dreamer and doers. Those who strive to accomplish their goals and the ones who make a name for themselnves. In fact, many of us growing up consider a lot of these individuals our heroes who we look up to for hope and inspiration.

Hall of Fame Museums are the ultimate goal for those who work their entire life to achieve getting their name in one of them. These are the people who receive a lifetime achievement of success, hard work and good sportsmanship. Whether it’s soccer or baseball, some of the most notable athletes, such as Michael Jordan, can make the hall of fame after five years of being retired.

The best part about Hall of Fame museums is that you get a first hand look at some of the best player’s jerseys, shoes, signed balls, etc. If you’re a sports fan looking to visit a hall of fame museum, be sure to check out one of the five famous Sports Hall of Fame Museums.

National Soccer Hall of Fame

Soccer is a lot more popular in the United States than we think. The National Soccer Hall of Fame is located in West End, New York and currently possesses over 80,000 different items and artifacts, making it one of the largest collections of soccer records and items in the entire world. Visit the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

International Tennis Hall of Fame

Tennis, on the other hand, is a very popular sport here in America. The International Tennis Hall of Fame, located in Newport, Rhode Island, preserves the history of tennis by providing an inspirational landmark for tennis players and fans around the country. When you’re heading up to Newport, be sure to book a tour at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

The NFL is the largest and most popular sport in America. There’s no doubt that the Pro Football Hall of Fame is one of the most visited in the country. With over 22,000 players in the history of the NFL, only 254 of those players have made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. With the total including coaches, there are a total of 287 to date in this museum. Tour the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Located in Cooper’s Town, New York, the Baseball Hall of Fame exhibits materials in permanent gallery space of some of the country’s most valuable baseball artifacts, items and memorabilia from some of the best baseball legends in the country. Visit and tour the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Basketball Hall of Fame

The Basketball Hall of Fame, also known as the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, houses over 300 inductees in over 40,000 square feet of NBA history. The Basketball Hall of fame offers several interactive exhibits for basketball fans to engage in. Plan your visit to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.