The oldest city in South Carolina is also one of the most charming cities to visit in the South.

Two Horses

Charleston is known for it’s friendly locals, award-winning cuisine, spectacular architecture and rich history. Whether you’re taking a horse-drawn carriage ride through town or window shopping the numerous boutiques along King Street, Charleston is an ideal place to visit any time of year.

Dive into some of the best meals of your life in Charleston, SC. While the city boast hundreds of restaurants of many genres and varieties, one thing remains consistent: the southern hospitality. With so many places to try it might be difficult to decide where to dine. We recommend sampling restaurants that offer the delights Charleston is known for: fresh seafood, southern soul food, home-style cooking and decadent desserts.

Charleston Bridge at Night

Attractions in the area include museums, antebellum mansions and many more. One of the most popular Charleston attractions for children and adults alike is the South Carolina Aquarium. With more than 60 exhibits housing hundreds of unique sea (and wetland) creatures, this attraction is well worth a visit. After viewing the marine life at the aquarium, it’s convenient to hop on a tour boat to visit Fort Sumter National Monument. This incredible fort is located on a island just a 30 minute boat ride away from Charleston. By exploring Fort Sumter, speaking with park rangers, and viewing the exhibits on the island, travelers can better understand how the fort played an important role during the Civil War.

Fort Sumter

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Whether you’re hoping to explore the bustling Charleston downtown area or discover nearby sights along the South Carolina coast, this town is a great place to start. Save on your stay in Charleston, SC by using a discounted hotel coupon!

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