Ice cream is a classic, but sometimes, you just need the cool refreshment that only a frosty popsicle can provide. Take a look at some of the best boutique shops churning out the frozen favorites.

People’s Pops (Brooklyn, NY)

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People’s Pops has grown from a small-time Brooklyn operation to a true New York phenomenon, with multiple locations around New York. Try the Campari Cantaloupe for a summer treat that you won’t find anywhere else. Famous food personality Rachael Ray has even claimed that the shop makes her “favorite food on a stick.”

The Ice Bar (West Covina, CA)

The Ice Bar takes the popsicle game to the next level with customizable toppings (think: pie crust and condensed milk). You can also order a pre-made pop creation dreamed up by the chef — Nutella banana is a longtime favorite.

Las Paletas (Nashville, TN)

Located in Nashville’s trendy 12South district, Las Paletas is a small but mighty pop shop that promises patrons a wide variety of flavors. You’ll find everything from old-fashioned strawberry to chocolate with hot peppers. The menu changes daily, and a chalkboard updates visitors on the latest and greatest. Just want a small taste of what Las Paletas has to offer? Order one of their “Chiquitas,” a smaller-sized pop that will still satisfy any cravings.

The Hyppo (St. Augustine, FL)

Fresh fruit is the key ingredient of The Hyppo’s delicious ice pops, and the North Florida flagship location was so popular that The Hyppo has expanded to other cities in the Sunshine State, like Jacksonville, Gainesville, and St. Petersburg. Try the blueberry lavender lemonade, pineapple cilantro, champagne mango, or chocolate sea salt.

GoodPop Pop Up Shops (Austin, TX)

Serving up some serious southern sweetness, GoodPop offers all-natural popsicles like coldbrew coffee, hibiscus mint, and watermelon agave. While you can order their fun flavors online, Austin-area residents get a special treat at local events like music and food festivals and farmers markets, where the wholesaler sells their one-of-a-kind desserts.

Six Strawberries (Seattle, WA)

All of Six Strawberries’ popsicles are dairy-free and incorporate local ingredients. Of course, there’s the namesake flavors, such as strawberry and strawberry rhubarb pie, but SS also makes mouth-watering varieties like matcha green tea and chocolate dipped peanut butter. Even better, the pops are sold on bicycle-powered carts throughout the city. making it easy to get your fix at any time.