When was the last time you spent the night outdoors? Just because you want to experience camping, does not mean you will have to compromise your comfort to do so.

Glamping, also known as Glamour Camping, is all about enjoying the great outdoors in style. While there are many destinations that provide the glamping experience for you, we thought it might be useful to explore some DIY glamping ideas. Our team at DriveTheNation.com has compiled 10 tips to help you enjoy the wilderness glamorously.

1. Bring A Roomy Tent

Feeling cramped? Pack a spacious tent to ensure you have enough room for an air mattress, pillows, fans, and everything you need to stay comfortable.

Large Tent for Glamping

2. Find A Relaxing Place to Camp

You don’t have to pitch your tent in the middle of the woods. We suggest finding a scenic location with picturesque views, if possible.

3. Set Up Camp Near A Water Source

If your camp is near a freshwater source, then it is a win-win. You have a place to access drinking water as well as a guaranteed bathing source.

Hiker Filling Up Water Bottle

4. Pack A Cooler

Hungry? Pack a cooler to keep your food fresh while you’re away from the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to bring your favorites, including pancakes or grilled chicken. Preparing your food ahead of time will eliminate hassle while you are camping.

5. Enjoy Comfort Items

If you love reading, bring your books or a crossword puzzle. If you love knitting, bring your needles and yarn. Should you find you have downtime while at the campsite, these items will keep you busy and remind you of the comforts of home.

Happy Campsite

6. Bring Plenty of Pillows and Blankets

There’s nothing that says luxury quite like great bedding. In addition to being cute and decorative, a warm blanket will also help to keep you cozy on cool nights. Use pillows as faux furniture, such as a foot rest or to help prop you up while reading.

7. Use Insect Repellant 

All it takes is one pesky insect bite to ruin the luxurious moment. Keep insect repellant in your tent to repel unwanted mosquitos and apply it generously to your own body as well.

Aurora Borealis And Tents On Snow Mountain

8. Let There Be Light

Camping away from city lights will improve your overall stargazing experience. Still, you don’t have to camp in the dark. Lanterns provide a decorative touch to your tent, while at the same time improving your ability to see at night.

9. Invest In A Portable Charger

Even if you don’t plan on using your phone while away at camp, it’s wise to have a backup energy source for emergency situations. Portable cell phone chargers with battery packs, for example, can give your device an added boost even when you need it most.

Girls Having Wine at Picnic

10. Pack Snacks… and Wine

You might find that you get hungry in between scheduled meal times. In such instances, it’s helpful to have an arsenal of snacks on hand. Pack pretzels, cookies and trail mix for a midday treat. We also recommend bringing a bottle of wine and portable glasses to keep it hassle-free.

Have you ever been glamping? We would love to hear about your experience! Share your stories with us in the comment section below.