Guys, if you’re reading this – you may want to pass this over to the ladies in your lives. This post will be all about how awesome us lady creatures are and why we deserve vacations on a regular basis. Are you laughing yet? As I’m woman, of course I have a carry a heavy bias to the woes that women deal with from time to time but you know what? Sometimes it’s true! We aren’t just women. Many of us are hardworking chicas that carry more than one role. We aren’t just running our own businesses or working diligently at one job. We are wives, mothers, grandmothers, caretakers, dedicated friends and more. It boggles my mind how the majority of superheroes are men. Where I come from, a lot of the real life superheroes are women. That said, isn’t it high time that us gals treat ourselves to a little getaway? We deserve it, don’t we?

No time to plan? Just go!

Typically whenever my girls and I want to get together to take a trip, it takes months and months of planning. It can never just happen on a whim. This upcoming year, however, we’re going to be changing that. Check everyone’s schedules, book a quick hotel room and just go! Sometimes the trips that require the least amount of planning seem to be the ones that offer the most fun. Pick a city that a road trip can get you there in a few hours and just…go!

Get a spa treatment!

I was introduced to spas at an early age. My Mother Dearest is the Queen of Girly Girls and by the time I was 10 years old, I had my share of manicures, pedicures and facials. The ugly financial life of a college student put those spa treatments on hold but lately I’ve been re-diving into the pool of glorious spa treatments. Sometimes my girlfriends and I want nothing more than to just get away and head to the spa. These kind of trips are particularly fun for budding brides, moms-to-be or that friend of yours that just took the Bar exam. Spa treatments put everyone in a good mood and set the pace for the rest of the getaway.

Do something adventurous.

Looking for something fun to do with your gal pals that is a little outside of the box-ish? Why not plan something with a little more action? And I mean something more than a trek to a theme park. How about some jet skiing, hang gliding or ziplining? With the weather getting cooler, I am starting to skip away from the beaches and wouldn’t mind a good ski trip. Picture it: drinking hot cocoa by the fire in a beautiful lodge. This, of course, would come after I masterfully tackle the bunny slopes. Good times would be had by all and pictures of the activities would totally make your Facebook friends jealous.


If your money is looking funny and your girlfriends’ wallets seem to be singing the same tune, put the wallets out of their misery and do a staycation. Rent a hotel suite or take the girlfriends and crash at another girlfriend’s house and go with the flow. Be sure to add a few bottles of wine, sweet treats and chick flicks to the menu. Staycations are the most affordable way to “get away” with the girls. Plus, I find that they teleport me back to those 9th grade slumber parties of mine.

Blast from the past…

Re-enact your best childhood memories! Do things that you haven’t done in a while. Go to a favorite childhood hangout, eat cotton candy, take pictures in a photo booth, go to the local fair you use to go to every year as a kid and reminisce with all your girlfriends.

Show your artsy side.

Take a pottery class or a painting class or do both! Many DIY painting venues have a “girls night” and some allow you to bring your own bottle of wine. Whether you’re a Picasso or not grab the girls, your favorite bottle of wine, and let your inner artist shine.

Secret makeovers anyone???

Similar to the popular Secret Santa exchange during the Holiday season, but with a little bit of a girls night twist. Give your girlfriends the gift of a makeover, some of them may be needing one. Take a weekend to dress up one of your girlfriends in something you’ve always thought would give them that extra pop in their style. Plan out their make-up, hair, outfits, venue for the night, etc. Take turns each weekend or participate all together.

Cruise the beach!

Find a hotel near a port and take a cruise by day and explore the beach scene by night. Many ships have day cruises for gambling, fishing, or you could always take a booze-cruise. Then find a local beach bar and enjoy some cocktails in the sea breeze moonlight.

Enjoy the outdoors

Put on some tennis shoes or hiking boots, fill up a backpack, and explore the outdoors with your girls. Find the nearest nature trail or state park. Enjoy the weather and soak up a little sun while you’re at it. Don’t forget to bring your camera, water, and a little trail mix. Who ever said girls couldn’t enjoy a good hike?

Patio wine tasting

If nature’s not your scene, I’m sure you can find a nearby winery and participate in a patio wine tasting. Put on your best comfy-casual outfit to taste some of your favorite wines and tour a few wineries with the ladies. Fresh air is fresh air in the end anyways.

Life hasn’t gotten so crazy for you and your girls that you have managed to NOT get away, has it? Remedy the problem now and get to planning a trip. Got any great girlfriend getaway ideas for us?