You can find many bakeries that feature fabulous brownies, and can even order brownies on line; all of which are great options. We think that the best way to enjoy a brownie is in a sit-down setting, so that you can linger and savor these treats that have been tempting taste buds for 118 years. So our ten suggested destinations here are places where you can soak in some great atmosphere along with your chocolaty goodness.

Chicago, IL

The Palmer House Hotel, in Chicago, has been featuring brownies since they invented them, at the instructions of the hotel’s owner Potter Palmer’s wife, Bertha. She wanted a desert that was cake-like and portable, so that it could be served in boxed lunches for visitors to the 1893 Colombian Exposition (the marvelous world’s fair that started many of the food treats we enjoy to this day). Dining at The Palmer House is a Chicago tradition, where you can take in the jaw-dropping elegant setting and, yes, have a brownie where it all began, and is still being made as it was way back when, to Bertha’s exacting specifications.

Bangor, ME

It is said that gustatory doyenne Fannie Farmer coined the word “brownie” for these chocolate goodies, and it is certain that a recipe for them appeared in her famous cookbook. If you add an extra egg and an extra square of chocolate you get a “Bangor Brownie” still served in its place of origin, Bangor, Maine. Situated in Bangor University, Teras is a hidden gem for brownies and tea. The food is amazingly fresh and creative, the views are stunning and the interior has a subtle, airy dignity. Not to mention the fabulous brownies, reasonable prices and friendly staff.

New York, NY

For brownies in New York City, its The EK Café, one of Harlem’s best kept secrets. You can have a wonderful meal here. Or you can choose to enjoy their Indulgent fresh baked goodies and a daily selection of sophisticated comfort food “to go.” The EK Café is a sister to Evelyn’s Kitchen, who made brownies the go-to dessert in Manhattan. Have a made-to-order lunch or dinner, but save room for their dangerously delicious brownies.

York, PA

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., you can go to All About Brownies at the York Central Market, and find a delicious array of traditional and extravagantly non-traditional brownies. No, there are no tables with this market stand, but the common areas of the Central Market beckon for you to stop and savor these delicious desserts, and to people watch, a time-honored “White Rose City” custom. While you are in York, stop by historic First Presbyterian Church and ask them to see the ancient tombstone with the “mistake” inscription.

Savannah, GA

For fabulous food, atmosphere and frequent live music, Foxy Loxy Café in Savannah, Georgia, has it all. The setting has been called quaint, adorable, and hip, in a handsome historic house. Coffee is a must; the food is delicious! Their outdoor area is idyllic in season. Have a brownie with their cafe au lait. Expect it to be busy with the college crowd.

Memphis, TN

B.B. King’s Blues Club in Memphis, Tennessee is the place to have amazing brownies while you can enjoy live music and dancing, big food portions, and kick back and unwind. Memphis is a brownie loving town. Another great brownie venue in Memphis, with a fabulous view, is the rooftop Twilight Sky Terrace at the Madison Hotel. Soaring seventeen stories above the city, with modern cushy seating around a dancing fire pit, sleek sun shades to alleviate the Memphis heat, and a delectable menu of small bites, including brownies.

Overland Park, KS

Head for a home like dining experience, in a place that you can almost not find unless you are a local; go to the Best Regards Bakery and Café in Overland Park, Kansas. There you will find creative, scrumptious food like their gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, or BLT on home baked bread, and homemade soups and salads. All their dessert are delicious and you will be tempted to go for the orange cranberry cookies. Well get them to go, but top off your meal with the best of brownies.

Duluth, MN

The Duluth Grill offers a wide range of great eating, from breakfasts to comfort food. Be sure to plan on their justly famous Midnight Delight Chocolate Dream, which is a rich homemade brownie with creamy vanilla ice cream, fresh homemade whipped cream, homemade chocolate sauce, powdered sugar and a berry. Yes, it is worth the drive to Duluth from wherever you may live!

Las Vegas, NV

In Las Vegas, it’s Grouchy John’s Coffee Shop where the co-owners, Grouchy John (who is actually quite friendly), and JJ offer a wide range of menu offerings in a cozy coffee café setting with Star Wars décor. The brownies are served up warm, and if you don’t pay attention, your dining companion might very well finish yours off while you aren’t looking.

San Francisco, CA

Ready to go over the top? Then stop at Ghirardelli Square and have their brownie sundae. Yes, it is the ultimate brownie treat in a place where chocolate is king. The Square is usually crowded, and you have to take a number, so send someone of your party scouting for a table while you stand in line, in this shop that evokes an old time ice cream parlor. One taste and you will say that the wait and the crowds are all worth it.