Finally, the Super Bowl has arrived! And what most people look forward to on game day is having a bit celebration with friends and indulging on some of those traditional football snacks. After all, if you can’t enjoy some wings, chili and beer during the Super Bowl, when else can you?

Even though the big game is in New York City this year, a first for a cold weather location in a very long time, you can still enjoy the game on the big screens at some of your favorite local establishments.

But, if you are a chili fan, then you have to be sure to hit up some of these big hot spots to have a nice heaping bowl of chili during the Super Bowl.

Chili is a big deal in the midwest, and few places are more famous for their love of chili than the city of Cincinnati. A Cincinnati institution is Price Hill Chili, which has been serving up bold flavors to Bengals fans since the 1960’s. If you want to get really adventurous, try the local favorite, spaghetti chili!

Dallas is certainly no stranger to chili. Though their claim to fame is that real chili should have plenty of meat and no beans. Any way you slice it though, the famous venison and dark beer chili at Katy Trail Ice House is a fan favorite and something that is absolutely going to stick to your ribs on a cold Superbowl Sunday.

Seattle fans might be too nervous for the big game to eat, but if you want to grab a heaping helping of this game day favorite, then you have to head to Slim’s Last Chance Chili Shack. Slim’s is a Seattle favorite and has been featured in Bon Appetit magazine because of it’s rich flavors and delicious chili.

Of course you can’t forget Denver Bronco’s fans! Green chili is so big in Denver that it was listed as part of the annual bets between mayors of playoff cities, that mean’s it has to be good! To try the best green chili around, head to La Loma’s which can absolutely convert you to a diehard green chili fan for life!

What are some of your local hot spots for chili? Do you plan on having a big bowl during the game this weekend? Let us know!