Remember the days when gas costed only $1.50/gallon? That was about 10 years ago. In today’s economy, gas can stretch as high as $4.00/gallon depending on your area. To be honest, it can be so expensive that some of us don’t even want to drive anywhere! However, when reality sets in, we have no other choice but to fill up the tank and hit the road. So when the time comes that you do have to drop at least $50 into your gas tank, take some of these steps into consideration to stretch your gas dollars as far as you can. We promise, there are ways to conserve your gas without having to buy a hybrid vehicle!

1. Change your oil often. Dirty oil can limit your engine’s efficiency, ultimately causing it to eat up more gas since it’s working harder than usual.

2. Keep your spark plugs updated and fresh. Worn out spark plugs can cost you around 2 mpg.

3. Use a lighter and smaller car if you have the choice. Heavier and larger cars tend to eat up more gas.

4. Turn off your AC and roll the windows down! Air conditioning can also be the cause of a quickly depleted gas tank.

5. Try to avoid letting your car sit idle.

6. Keep your tires in check. The smoother they ride, the better it will be on your gas tank.

7.  Avoid driving if you can. If you have the option to walk or bike ride, take advantage of the alternative form of transportation.

8. Try to travel during times that traffic won’t be heavy.

9. Use cruise control if you’re on a highway for a while – this will help you save your gas as well.

10.Check to see if your fan belt is too tight.