Cassadaga is a small community in Florida between Orlando and Daytona, considered to be the “Psychic Capital of the World.” It has long been preceded by its reputation. The primary draw is the Cassadaga Spiritual Camp, which was established in 1875 by a man named George P. Colby; Known in the area as a powerfully gifted medium. Located within the community is a 57-acre “camp” that’s home to more than 100 psychics, healers, and other practicing mystics. Due to its focus on otherworldly matters, Cassadaga has become a touch point in pop culture. It is frequently mentioned in various songs, TV shows, and movies as a hotbed of numerous activity.

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The community currently features an auditorium, library, temple, welcome center, and a healing center. Cassadaga welcomes new visitors, offering weekly church services, workshops, and classes that explore the spiritual side of life. Art, jewelry, divination materials, and books on spirituality are also available in the camp bookstore.

Take a Tour

If you want to take a look around, guided tours delve into Cassadaga’s history. They allow you to access two of the historic buildings are also offered at 2 p.m. from Thursday through Saturday. Of course, you can always take a casual drive or walk through, as Cassadaga is open to the public. Conveniently located off of I-4, the community is an easy drive from both Orlando and Daytona Beach, making for the perfect day trip during your vacation to one—or both—of these cities. Numerous bus tours depart from both Daytona and Orlando as well, allowing curious tourists to have a unique experience that’s worlds away from the theme parks.


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If you are seeking more personal guidance, you can set up a one-on-one appointment in advance with the medium of your choice. Visit the official website at for more information.


For those looking to stay and soak up the vibes, there are a few options for accommodations nearby, including the supposedly-haunted Cassadaga Hotel (which features the community’s only restaurant) and two B&Bs: the Ann Stevens House and The Cabin-on-the-Lake in Lake Helen—where you’ll find a few more dining options. For help finding the best rates in the area, take a look at our sister site,