State welcome centers are not just a place to stop and get a map, use the bathroom or get something to drink anymore..


New and Improved

Today’s states are tapping into the impact and growth found in the travel and tourism industry. During 2016 $7.6 trillion was spent in the US travel and tourism segment. It’s no wonder the State Welcome Centers have become the trademark of the state’s tourism departments. Many are considered the front porch for the states, highlighting a warm, friendly, welcoming image. While you can still get state maps and information for the various communities, the Welcome Centers have become attractive. There’s an architecture feature that provides unique destination experiences.

Georgia Welcome Center

One of the newest Welcome Centers in the Southeast is the Port Wentworth / Savannah Center. Located in Northeast GA, on I-95 southbound. The Center recently reopened this spring after a 14-month renovation. The project came in under budget at the cost of just over $15 Million! You can step back into time with the Oak Tree lined streets of downtown Savannah. Here you’ll find a trolley car, yes a trolley car! Children of all ages will be able to take a few photos to share on social media.

People say thGeorgia Welcome Centere Port Wentworth Welcome Center is like a “Box of Chocolates,” you never know who you will find hanging around waiting to take a photo with you. This unique opportunity helps to make your traveling experience exceptional. You may find yourself in a ringside seat with a gentleman who led a charmed life influencing many of the memorable events in the 20th century or engaging in an uncontrollable battle with the local sheriff fighting for a better way of life against the zombie walkers. There is always something to experience with the “Year of Georgia in Film.”

Still not sure what GA has to offer? Check out the surroundings and views of the beach at the Lighthouse which you can find inside the Welcome Center. Yes, that is correct a replica lighthouse can be found at the welcome center. Featuring the natural beaches, marshlands, and abundant wildlife on both land and sea, travelers can find it all in the beach life section of the center.

Plan Your Trip

These new type of destination experience Welcome Centers are tapping into the hands on type of encounters travelers, families, nature-lovers, fishing and water sports enthusiasts, golfers, and history buffs are yearning to be introduced to and have the benefit to enjoy. Georgia along with many other state Travel and Tourism divisions are looking at new and innovative ways to grab a small portion of the trillions of dollars spent annually by vacationers. So grab your hat, fill up the gas tank and let’s “Drive the Nation” and see what our states have to offer and remember to stop in at the State Welcome Center along the way. See you on the road.

Georgia Welcome Center