Garner State Park is located in Concan, Texas. Named for speaker of the United States House of Representatives James Nance Garner, the park is known for its natural beauty.

The Visitor Center

Begin at the visitor center, to learn what’s happening, get information, and souvenirs. The Civilian Conservation Corps built the impressive concession building and dance pavilion, as well as other park facilities; these are now considered historical landmarks.  

Landscape & Activities

Fall Foliage On The Crystal Clear Frio River In Texas.

Garner State Park offers access to nearly three miles of the Frio River as it winds through 1,774 acres of gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscape. It is an ideal place to hike, swim, and relax in the big outdoors. The Frio River is always so clean, clear and cold; but you probably want to wear some water shoes when swimming, as there are lots of rocks on the river bottom. One of the most popular activities is to float down the Frio in an inner tube, or just lazing on rafts in the river. You can also go for a paddle in a paddle boat.

Autumn on the Frio River at Garner State Park, Texas

Among the highlights of Garner State Park are the eleven miles of nature trails. Some lead to scenic overlooks. Hike up Old Baldy; it is a challenging hike, and the views are amazingly beautiful from up there. The Old Entrance Road trail also leads to striking views. It is quite arduous for the first few minutes, a steep climb. The park’s impressive rock formations were created in the Cretaceous period, more than 66 million years ago. The canyons and hills include the park’s landmark feature, Old Baldy, rounded and impressive in any season. The large outdoor CCC- built dance pavilion is home to dances throughout the summer.


Young happy couple camping in forest.

Garner State Park is the number one overnight camping park in the state of Texas. Offering cabins, campsites, and screened shelters to make the stay an enjoyable one. Whether you are there for a day for a week, be sure to take note of the bald cypress trees that line the Frio River, they live to be six hundred years old.

Planning Ahead

When you go to Garner State Park, get there early. The park opens at 8 a.m. and tends to get crowded, especially if you are checking into a campsite. The check-in process is very slow.  So plan and be among the first ones in line. Summer weekends are hectic; spring and fall are less so. 

Garner State Park