We always hear about the summer and fall festivals that go on throughout the year, from food fests to apple fests, there is always something special going on. However, while you may think that winter is a time of year where festivals close up shop, there are a number of amazing winter festivals that go on all across the country.

Get your snow suit ready, here are four winter festivals that you have to add to your bucket list!

Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Running in early to mid February, the Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival offers tons of fun for visitors to this Colorado town. Most of the events take place right along the main road in the town, and include shovel races, lassoing skiers, and competitive ski races. For a real Western feel, it is a fantastic festival.

Cedarburg Winter Festival – Cedarburg, Wisconsin

While most people might want to avoid Wisconsin in the winter, they would be really missing out on the Cedarburg Winter Festival. This fest takes typical summer events like golf, drinks and races and does them all on snow. From the Ice-Burg Open Golf event to the outdoor snow bar, Cedarburg knows how to have fun.

Whitefish Winter Carnival – Whitefish, Montana

The Fiesta Pescado Blanco has been held yearly in Whitefish as a celebration to the God of Snow, Ullr. What follows is a fun celebration that features ski parades, skiers towed via horses, a Penguin Plunge and of course an appearance by at least one Yeti who will try to thwart the Snow God from spreading fun.

Slush Cup Weekend – Bellaire, Michigan

Schuss Mountain has been hosting the Slush Cup Weekend for decades. The event most look forward to is the race across the pond while wearing costumes. There are also snow shovel races, and seal sled races as well. Perhaps the most fun might be the fruity suity event, where participants jump into a heated pool with fruit in their suits.

Have you been to any of these winter festivals? Do you know some others that are a lot of fun? Let us know what you think in the comments.