Forrest Gump Sitting on BenchBelieve it or not, Forrest Gump is already two decades old, but many of us can still recall many scenes like we watched them just yesterday. Fortunately, many of the famous spots featured in the film are still standing, and you can relive the movie magic to this day.

Chippewa Square (Savannah, GA)

Bring your box of chocolates down to the heart of downtown Savannah, Georgia to reenact one of the most classic and quotable scenes in cinema history. However, you’ll also have to bring your seat! The iconic green bench was just a prop for the scene, and has since been relocated to the nearby Savannah History Museum.

Varnville, SC

If you’re looking to stroll through Forrest’s hometown of Greenbow, Alabama, good luck finding it; there is no such place! However, you can check out the next best thing: Varnville, the small town where many of the Greenbow scenes were shot. Though it’s been two decades since the movie was released, several of the town shops are still decorated as they were in the film, much to tourists’ delight.

Abraham Lincoln Monument at Night, Washington DC

Lincoln Memorial (Washington, DC)

A national treasure in its own right, this landmark also served as the spot where Forrest gave his moving speech at the anti-war rally towards the end of the film. Just try and resist the urge to follow Forrest and Jenny’s carefree lead, though; wading into the Reflecting Pool is not only frowned upon, but also totally illegal. While you’re in the neighborhood, stroll over to the Jefferson Memorial, where Forrest bestows his Congressional Medal of Honor upon Jenny.

Cole’s Restaurant (Los Angeles, CA)

This downtown Los Angeles staple doubled as both the site of the wild New Year’s Eve party where Forrest and Lieutenant Dan ring in 1972, and the New York City television studio that hosted the Dick Cavett talk show. These aren’t the only reasons to pay a visit to Cole’s, however. It’s supposedly the first restaurant and bar in L.A, as it opened its doors in 1908, and also claims to have originated the French Dip roast beef sandwich.

Grandfather Mountain (Linville, NC)

Forrest Gump Curve
Located in the heart of the Appalachians near Asheville, North Carolina, Grandfather Mountain was one of the more memorable spots that lined Forrest’s legendary cross-country trek. The vast landscape, and the sign that reads “Forrest Gump Curve” provide the perfect backdrop for a photo. Run, Forrest, run!