Flower Fields That Bloom in The Spring

Rows of Red, Pink and Yellow Flowers

By: Jay Dalles

There are many beautiful places to visit in Southern California and for that very reason, you may not know about one of the most beautiful of them all, The Flower Fields at Carlsbad.  The Flower Fields are an extravaganza of beauty in the months of March and April through Mother’s Day (mid-May), when the fields are alive with Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers.

The Flower Fields are the creation of Luther Gage and his wife Olive.  Gage was born on February 10, 1879, in Pueblo, Colorado, the son of a Presbyterian minister who relocated to Downey, California in the 1880s.  Luther didn’t write that song about bowers of flowers blooming in the sunny California climate, but he made it happen.  Starting with winter gladioli, freesias and anemones, he soon brought the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus into cultivation in California and created the blooming wonderland that visitors can enjoy today.

Planning Your Visit

Fields of Ranunculus Flowers in CaliforniaNearly 50 acres of flowers are under cultivation.  At any given time throughout the spring season there may be up to two-thirds of them in vibrant bloom.  Eye-popping reds and yellows predominate in broad geometric sweeps, row upon row, with other vivid shades, orange, purple, white and magenta, so that the entire effect is like a giant color-blocked quilt spread across the gently rolling landscape.  Close up, you’ll discover that some contrasting colored blossoms have found their way into each area, creating pretty impromptu accents scattered here and there.

Most visitors stroll The Flower Fields, so dress accordingly with good walking shoes and a hat to accompany your outdoor attire.  If walking is a challenge, you can pay a modest fee to ride through the fields in a wagon pulled by a vintage tractor.  It’s sort of a springtime version of a hayride!

The Flower Fields in Carlsbad offer a great option for a one-of-a-kind destination wedding. Even on an ordinary spring day, The Flower Fields are the ideal place for families with children, couples of all ages, and avid photographers to visit.

More To The Story

Multicolored Flowers Bloom in Spring at Carlsbad Flower FieldsThe Gages made their home nearby, in a beautiful Monterey Spanish-Revival home in the 3000 block of Lincoln Avenue in Carlsbad, which today serves as the centerpiece of the Monterey Condominiums. The Gages founded many Carlsbad community organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary chapters, as well as the Carlsbad Community Church.

Luther Gage died February 28, 1961,and his beloved Olive died October 18 that same year.  They loved children but had no children of their own.  Today, the community and flowers they cultivated continue to bring joy to countless lives.

Keep in mind there are lots of other things to see and do in Carlsbad, from Legoland California to Carlsbad State Beach.  You might enjoy a side trip to the Museum of Making Music or a soothing visit to the Batiquitos Lagoon, one of the few remaining coastal wetlands on the southern California coast.

Photography Credits:
1. Courtesy of NightMedia on DeviantArt.
2. Courtesy of Erin Pettigrew on Flickr.
3. Courtesy of Bisayan lady on Flickr.