Waze Welcome ScreenWaze is a standout when it comes to the top smart phone GPS apps. This free app combines accurate GPS technology with crowdsourced traffic alerts, so you can find the most efficient route to your next destination.

You’ll be amazed at how easy Waze is to use. You can search for your destination or type in a known address. Then, either select the route you’d like to take, or let Waze choose the fastest option for you!

Throughout your drive, you’ll be able to see the average speed of traffic, be alerted of red-light cameras (credit marcus), police vehicles and accidents, and automatically be re-routed if conditions change.

Plus, Waze offers added features you didn’t even know you needed:

  • Find the best deal on gas along your route
  • Share your ETA with friends
  • Change your navigation voice to “Elvis”

We highly recommend downloading Waze for your Android or iOS device! Just remember to program your route before you begin to #drivethenation.