What is better than a hearty bowl of soup? It can be comforting, filling, refreshing and lovely to eat after a long day traveling on the road.

Often forgotten in the lists of the “Best Of” which is typically filled with hamburgers, breakfast spots and pizza, there are some amazing soup spots all over the country which must be tried if you’re in the area (or if you’re willing to travel for soup!).

We picked five of the most popular types of soup to feature, all in different parts of the country so you can get a true flavor of what is the best in each of these major destinations.

Get your taste buds ready, in honor of National Soup Month let’s check out some of the top places to enjoy soup across the country.

Grill 23 Clam Chowder

Via Halit Firat E. on Yelp!


Any true chowder aficionado knows two things about this hearty soup. First, it has to be white (sorry Manhattan clam chowder), and second, the best chowders come from New England.

As such the best New England chowder in Boston can be found at Grill 23, a steakhouse that fills it’s chowder with delicious lobster meat and heritage bacon.


Pho Tau Bay

Photo Via Food and Wine

This Vietnamese style soup always attracts a crowd, mostly of hungry folks. But if you love simple soups that feature delicate broths, home made noodles, and huge portions this is for you.

Famous chef Emeril Lagasse called the simple chicken noodle pho at Pho Tau Bay in New Orleans the best thing he’d eaten all year, now that’s impressive!

Butternut Squash

State and Lake Butternut Squash Soup

Via State and Lake on Facebook

Another common favorite, and excellent fall soup is butternut squash. Rich and creamy, when done right, this soup is a classic that can be craved again and again.

Chicagoans knows a thing or two about cold weather, and once the winter comes they turn to the sweet and fancy butternut squash soup at State and Lake.


St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin Chili

Via Kristie A. on Yelp!

While soup purists might not consider chili a soup, in my book it is, and it’s delicious. There are few better places to get a flavorful bowl of chili than in the Lone Star State.

Look no further than Dallas and St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin to have a hearty, thick, flavorful spicy “bowl of red” just in time for the Super Bowl!

Check out some of our other favorite chili hotspots!

French Onion Soup

Cafe Presse French Onion Soup

Via Seattle Times

When it gets cold and rainy there are few things better than a heaping bowl of french onion soup covered in a layer of cheese with a crust of bread. So, it’s no wonder Seattle has some amazing options.

Cafe Presse is where Seattle natives go to warm up during the rainy season with their version of French onion called soup a l’onion gratinee, certainly does the trick.

What about you? Have any favorite soup spots, or did we miss a certain type of soup you could eat again and again? Let us know in the comments!