There are plenty of amazing things that California is know for, the sun, the sand, Hollywood, just to name a few. But, where people normally associate beaches with Southern California, there are actually some incredible beaches that you might not even realize in Northern California as well.

Now, before we get into the beaches, it’s important to know that when we say “Northern California” this area is approximately from the area around San Francisco and San Jose and north towards the border with Oregon.

While most people head to this area for the cities and the National Parks like Yosemite, don’t discount spending a bit of time on the beaches. Read on to see where you should go.

San Gregorio State Beach

San Gregorio Beach California

Not far from San Gregorio, California you’ll find one of the best beaches in all of California (north or south) and what many consider to be a true hidden gem. As part of the California Park’s System, San Gregorio State Beach here you’ll find a wide sandy beach, hiking and walking trails and even caves to check out.

McClures Beach

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