Today is the day all Mardi Gras enthusiasts have been waiting for, Fat Tuesday! Fat Tuesday is the last day of Mardi Gras and the day before Lent. This is the day that individuals can indulge in the consumption of alcohol and unhealthy food if they choose to give it up for Lent. So while you’re roaming the streets of New Orleans for one more day, what can you expect to do, see and eat while you’re in town on Fat Tuesday? What about if you couldn’t make it to New Orleans, but you’re in a town that celebrates Mardi Gras just as big? There are a ton of things to do to get your fill of Fat Tuesday no matter where you are.

1. Watch a parade

Fat Tuesday is the best day for Mardi Gras parades, with a total of 13 throughout the day in New Orleans.  This is the time you can collect beads, grab a few beers and enjoy the show.

2. Grab a few great meals authentic to the city

Whether you’re in good ole N’awlins or Key West, grab a meal that puts the city on the map. For example, you can’t be in New Orleans without enjoying classic Gumpo or Jambalaya.

3. Dress up

It’s Fat Tuesday! When else can you get dressed up with multi-colored beads and glittered masks? Enjoy walking around with your green, purple and yellow attire.

4. Enjoy the music

If there’s anything that you should enjoy most about Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras, it’s the music. Regardless of what city you’re in, you’ll be probably have the pleasure of listening to the best bands and musicians around.

5. Go to a Fat Tuesday

Gather with your friends and enjoy a fruity frozen concoction from a Fat Tuesday bar! You can find a Fat Tuesday in Key West, Orlando, Las Vegas and many more.