As students prepare to head back to school and parents return to the daily grind, “vacation” isn’t a word you might expect to hear tossed around this time of year. In fact, in the US travel industry, fall is considered a shoulder season for many vacation destinations.

While summer may seem like the more likely time of year for a vacation, other families may prefer to take advantage of the benefits of a fall trip instead. Fewer crowds, cooler temperatures and steep discounts combine to make Autumn an opportune time for a family vacation or couples retreat.

To help get you started, we’ve outlined a few tips to assist you in your fall vacation planning:

Research Locations

Certain destinations, such as San Francisco or Savannah, are fabulous locales to visit in the fall. As you explore possibilities for your trip, use search engines like Google and TripAdvisor to read firsthand experiences from other travelers who have gone before you.

Choose Your Dates

There are several factors to keep in mind when it comes to selecting dates for your trip. Holidays, weather and school calendars could significantly impact your travel plans. Choose a weekend that does not conflict with existing commitments and compare calendars with others who will be traveling with you.

Save on Your Hotel

Once you have selected a destination and dates for your trip, you can save money on your hotel stay in a variety of ways. While you could book in advance through a discount website, we recommend saving extra using last-minute deals. Special walk-in rates give you flexibility and the opportunity to get a good deal. can help provide quick and easy access to the best available hotel coupon rates online in the USA.

Pack Accordingly

The items you pack in your suitcase are largely influenced by the nature of your visit. (Hiking boots, for example, might not be the most appropriate selection for a trip to the beach.) Additionally, it’s important to consider the type of weather you might expect to encounter when you reach your destination. The weather can be unpredictable at times, but a quick search on the National Weather Service website can provide historical data to help you get an idea. We also recommend checking local weather forecasts a few days prior to your trip to gain a more accurate prediction.

Are you planning a trip this Fall? Share your vacation planning tips with us in the comment section below!