You bundle up in sweaters, hop in the car, and drive to the leaves – only to find that they’re still greener than you expected or maybe even past their prime.

If you want to see nature in its autumnal glory, be sure that you know where to go and when to get there to have the most picturesque experience. Luckily for us, technology today is better than ever. Here are some great fall foliage trackers to plan your trip.

The Weather Channel Fall Foliage Tracker

By collecting reports from agencies and individuals around the country, The Weather Channel is one of the most accurate choices. Visit their Fall Foliage Tracker page where you will then select a region, then a more defined area. The map will show whether the leaves are patchy, near peak, peak, or past peak.




Yankee Magazine’s Leaf Peepr App

Yankee Magazine takes more of a crowdsourcing approach with their Leaf Peepr app, available on iTunes or Google Play. You can post photos with comments and rate nearby foliage, which populates the geographic maps with current foliage patterns. Maps are available all across the U.S. However, watch out for tricksters making false reports.



New Hampshire Fall Foliage App

New Hampshire is making all the other states look like slackers with their extremely user-friendly and accurate Fall Foliage app. Browse by region to find the current foliage stage and read updates to see when the peak is estimated. You can view their photo gallery and add your own pictures. Plus, when you select a region, you can also access points of interest and fall itineraries.



fall-foliage-tracker-MAMassachusetts InstaFoliage

See up-to-date fall photos that others have Instagrammed and check out popular driving routes for seeing the leaves. Visit the website on desktop to see what region the photos are from, and tag your photos #MAinstafoliage with the city you’re in to submit your photo.

fall-foliage-tracker-WIWisconsin Fall Color Report

Travel Wisconsin breaks the state down into lots of regions, so you can pinpoint what stage the leaves are at wherever you want to go. Scroll down or select a particular region to see the percentage and description of color, when the estimated peak is, and upcoming events and nearby activities, dining and lodging for the region.