Canada is one of the most beautiful places on the American continent; but almost all the tourists would accept that Vancouver is the most beautiful place in this country. The sights and the moments you experience in Vancouver are unforgettable. Let us show you the best places that will help you to explore the real image of Vancouver.

Chesterman Beach: If you like to go wild and let loose then this is the location for you. This beach is located at Tofino, Vancouver.

Capliano Suspension Bridge:
It is the best place to bring out your adventurous self, as this bridge scares everyone even if for a fraction of second. This bridge trembles as people walk over it. It is based on wires and does not have any supportive beam like other bridges. It is 450 feet long and situated 230 feet off the ground. It gives you a beautiful view of green from that higher place.

Chemainus Theatre: According to some tourists, this theater can claim a place beside St. Martin’s theater in London, UK. The finest actors and performers from Canada have worked in this theater. As a tourist, you can surely enjoy your evening in this theater when you go to Vancouver.

West Coast Trail: Vancouver has a wild side. If you miss West Coast trail, you will may miss that side. This part of Vancouver encompasses the early history of the Canada. In an order to explore Vancouver, you must explore the West Coast trail.

Inner Harbour:
If you want to look at the regal beauty of Vancouver Island, you have to come to this harbor once. It is not something that you can put into words, but when you take a look at it, you will surely be fascinated by its charm and beauty.

Vancouver Art Gallery: It is a place that can mesmerize you with its beautiful craft and artworks. If you are in Vancouver, you cannot miss it.

Royal BC Museum:
Royal BC museum in Victoria, Vancouver, has kept excerpts from the ancient history along with some marks of early British Columbia. You would surely feel history come alive once you step inside the museum.

Vancouver Lookout:
If you come down to downtown Harbor-site in Vancouver, you will find Vancouver lookout, rising at a height of 430 feet where you can get a complete view of the whole Island at a glance.

Wild Pacific Trail:
Tourists have rated this place as a favorite. As a sea-lover, this place would attract you for sure. You will not find such a high tide anywhere in the world. Beauty can be dangerous, yet attractive. This is such a place where you can find the real meaning of beauty.