Michigan is a pretty hoppin spot when it comes to the museum department. You might have recently seen our post about all of the ones you can see in Detroit. But in this post, we are going to talk about another city. Here you can explore all of the innovation Dearborn, Michigan has to offer. 

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The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford (THF) Museum. Dearborn is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.

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Henry Ford was an American automobile manufacturer who created the Ford Model T car in 1908. He went on to revolutionize the industry, selling millions of vehicles and becoming world-famous. Today, you can visit his museum and trace the auto history.

But the museum doesn’t stop at cars. You can find everything from planes, trains, home furnishings, and Civil Rights Movement artifacts, to all sorts of other fascinating memorabilia from American History. Like, the chair Abraham Lincoln was sitting in during his assassination, the limo John F. Kennedy was riding in on November 22, 1963, or the actual Rosa Parks bus. The Henry Ford is indeed an American treasure.

Greenfield Village

Steam locomotive at Greenfield Village. Greenfield Village is one of the most unique outdoor museums in the world

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Go back in time at Greenfield Village. It’s located within the Henry Ford Museum. Ford created his village to educate and inspire future generations, by preserving as much history as possible and putting it into one place. He attributed his success to learning about the lives of other innovators before him and being motivated by their achievements. He wanted future generations to have the opportunity to do the same. 

 His village is a compilation of historic buildings that were carefully moved from their original locations and put on display. It includes landmark homes, factories, churches, schools, a windmill, a bridge, a carousel and more.  

 The village is open from April 14- October 28. The Henry Ford Museum is all year long except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. 

Edison Menlo Park

When Thomas Edison lived in Menlo Park, New Jersey his laboratory building was the enterprise of his entire operation. It was here he did all of his experimental activities. In 1928, Henry Ford began creating a replica of Menlo Park inside of his Greenfield Village, to honor his friend’s life and work.

Wright Brothers Home and  Cycle Shop

The Wright Brothers are two American aviators, engineers, and inventors, known for inventing, building, and flying the world’s very first successful airplane. In their hometown, Dayton, Ohio, they operated a bicycle business out of the building from 1897 to 1908 where they sold and repaired bikes. It was also here that they tested out their first flying models. 

Stephen Foster House

Stephen Foster is America’s Father of Music; Which is why you will find his former house in the “Sounds of America Gallery,” at Greenfield Village. It is displayed with several musical instruments. The house was initially located in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania, where the songwriter was born. The house has been in Greenfield Village since 1934. 

Dearborn Historical Museum

The Dearborn Historical Museum was created in 1950 to preserve Dearborn history for all of its citizens. Originally a military headquarters from 1833-1876, it is the oldest building on the property. Visitors can tour and the museum to learn what life was like during that era, as well as about its strong military ties. 

Arab American National Museum

You won’t be able to learn about Arab American history and culture at any other museum in the United States. The Arab American National Museum is the first and only of it’s kind. Their mission is simple: To dispel any misconceptions about Arab Americans and many other minorities. The museum features multiple hands-on exhibits and essential documents. 


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