Cape Cod, or “The Cape” as it is known locally around New England, is a long stretch of land that hooks out into the Atlantic Ocean south of Boston. For many, the Cape’s distinctive shape looks like a flexing arm, with the area being divided into four major regions.

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Upper Cape

The Upper Cape, which is actually the part closest to the greater Boston metro area includes the towns of Bourne, Falmouth and Sandwich. The Upper Cape has plenty of activities both on and off the beach, including the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute which has plenty of amazing exhibitions for visitors.

Mid Cape

Continuing up Routes 6 or 28, you will come to the Mid Cape region. Home to the towns of Yarmouth, Dennis and Barnstable, the Mid Cape starts to really give visitors the impression of a true New England beach area feel. This area is really a hybrid of the rest of the Cape, it has more beautiful stretches of beach than the Upper Cape, but is far more populated than the Outer Cape.

Lower Cape

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The Lower Cape, would really be the crook in the elbow on the shape of the landmass. This area is home to Harwich, Chatham and Brewster. This area of the Cape is known for it’s lighthouses and sport fishing. Since it is along the Atlantic Ocean, yet still somewhat protected by the nearby islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, there are plenty of bass and bluefin tuna to be found on chartered boats.

Outer Cape

The rest of the cape, is the Outer Cape, with the end of the landmass known as Provincetown, or P-Town, and some of the other towns below it being Orleans, Wellfleet and Truro. Being the furthest out on the Cape, this area is going to be the most rural of the entire Cape and usually less populated. However, since it is on the Cape Cod National Seashore it has some of the most spectacular beaches on the East Coast.

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