Ready for a road trip, but don’t wish to spend half your budget on gas just to get there and back? Fortunately for you, we have rounded up some of the best eco-friendly road trip cars! Our selected favorites feature eco-friendly technology that doesn’t force drivers to sacrifice comfort for performance. See for yourself and check out our favorite eco-friendly road trip cars.

Subaru Legacy

Recently awarded KBB’s “Best Sedan Under $25K,” the Subaru Legacy is an all around stellar road trip car. For 2016, Subaru further refined Legacy’s suspension to significantly reduce vibration over rough roads, especially those with washboard-texture concrete surfaces. It’s standard Symmetrical all-wheel-drive is another standout feature that makes this AWD vehicle a top pick for families on the road. Up to 26 city / 36 highway mpg, it’s an eco-friendly choice you can feel proud about.

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit makes a great road trip car for singles, couples and small families. To date, this spacious and versatile cube has pulled in seven 10Best trophies and three comparison-test wins. With plenty of room to accommodate a long road trip with your gear, this subcompact gets 37 mpg! Aside from all of its eco-friendly features, this affordably-priced road trip car works well for drivers on any budget.

Toyota Prius ECO

A performance-driven hybrid and new addition to the Prius family, the Toyota Prius ECO averages 56mpg! This makes it the new all-time fuel efficiency leader when it comes to cars that don’t require you to plug them in to recharge their battery packs. Four people, or five with some compromises, can fit into this car and be ready to embark on your road trip adventure!

Chevrolet Impala Bi-Fuel

The 2016 Bi-Fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Chevy Impala offers clean CNG and the flexibility to seamlessly transition to gasoline. Impala is the only CNG Bi-Fuel full-sized sedan produced by an original-equipment manufacturer in North America AND boasts 20 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline-powered cars. Undoubtedly, the Chevy Impala Bi-Fuel is spacious and sensible choice if you are looking for a eco-friendly road trip car!

Nissan Leaf

A 100% electric car, the Nissan Leaf has remained a best-selling vehicle year after year, and it is not hard to see why. This electric vehicle is spacious and sleek, without sacrificing on performance. The vehicle even boasts the same battery as a Tesla, one of the most advanced batteries on the market today, giving it quite the pick-up. With up to 126 city / 101 highway MPG (yes, really), you’ll be ready for any adventure in this road-trip friendly vehicle.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly car, you know where to go. Eco-friendly road trip vehicles will only continue to evolve over time to be even more spacious, sporty, and widespread. What’s your favorite road-trip car? We would love to hear from you! Share your favorites in the comment section below.