Confession: I used to hate salads. And do you know who I blame? My parents! We didn’t eat many salads growing up. Fruits and vegetables? Absolutely! But did we ever have a big leafy bowl of goodness before dinner? Not so much. My aversion to salads went away when I married my husband because this man loves his salads. He is still the only person I’ve ever met who packs salads for road trips. Yep, you heard right. This man will pack enough salad for the road and when we get to our destination. He won’t let anyone get in the way of his greens. “Besides,” he says. “Packing your own salad is so much cheaper than buying it on the road.” And he’s not lyin’. Salads at fast food restaurants aren’t only pricey but they aren’t always so healthy. And so now when we’re getting ready for a trip, my husband’s job is to pack the salad. He takes his job seriously and after getting the details from him, I figured I’d share his routine for our fellow health conscious Drive The Nation readers. Salad packing is ideal for road trips and with road trip season coming up, there is no time like now to practice.

– Buy your greens in bulk. Places like Sam’s Club and Costco usually have great prices on large quantities of spinach, lettuce, arugula and other greens.

– Make your own dressing and pack it in small ziploc bags. We like to use the snack size Ziploc bag for our olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. They are great for transporting and take up little to no space.

– Use easy to eat ingredients. We like no mess ingredients like cherry tomatoes, onions, orange slice, strawberries, pieces of chicken and egg whites.

– Pre-toss your salad. Pre-tossing your salad and putting it in individual serving containers make it easier to eat on the road. You don’t have to worry about distributing out because everything is already packaged and ready to go.

– Use sandwich containers. Sandwich containers fit nicely in coolers and they are usually large enough to provide enough salad for everyone.

Any salad lovers in the house? Have you ever taken them on trips?