Vacation is one of the best times to catch up on your reading list. Whether you’re looking for entertainment during a long car ride, or enduring a lengthy flight or airport layover, reading is a great way to escape the more tedious travel times. For many travelers, a book is an essential item to be packed in their carry-on bag. But when space is limited and your reading list is long, should you opt for a printed book or an e-book reader?

Let’s weigh the options.

Luggage Space

One of the most compelling reasons to use an e-reader is to save on space. A single e-reader like a Nook, Kindle or iPad Mini could hold thousands of books in a device smaller and lighter than a typical hardback book. That’s a lot of reading material taking up very little space in your luggage.


Both e-books and regular books are convenient in different ways. A typical hardback or paperback is convenient in ways you may not have realized before. For instance, it doesn’t require any charging to function. It also doesn’t have to be put away during take-off and landing. On the other hand, e-books provide the ability to switch between multiple titles, change the font size, and purchase new books on the go. Many e-readers are also equipped with reading lights or illuminated screens.


When it comes to readability, nothing really beats good-old paper and ink. Whether you’re reading in low-light, bright sun or anywhere in between, you can count on your printed book to be legible. Traditional e-readers like the Nook and Kindle have e-ink displays, which makes reading them almost as easy as reading a book. Readers don’t have to worry about sun glare with these screens. But, readability could be an issue with iPads and other tablets with illuminated displays. These glossy surfaces sometimes reflect bright light or could cause eye-strain.


One great thing about having an e-reader is that no one else needs to know what you’re reading. If you’re an adult that likes to read teen fiction, don’t worry – the e-book provides you a judgement-free reading experience. Although, you can meet the most interesting people when you connect based on what book you’re reading. So, whether you want some quiet time or a conversation starter, your book or e-book choice is up to you. No matter which you choose, an e-book or a real book, there’s nothing like having a great book join you on your next vacation. Whats your favorite vacation read? Tell us in the comments below!