There are few things that feel more Americana than taking a long cross country road trip. And while most people look to take the fastest route, or occasionally will hit up a few miles along Route 66, you can go virtually from coast to coast on scenic Route 6.

Reaching almost 3,200 miles, from the tip of Cape Cod at Provincetown, Massachusetts, and ending in Bishop, California, it runs through no less than fourteen states. If you want to get a real taste of all the best the country has to offer, then you can’t go wrong hopping on Route 6.

Here, we’re going to cover the stretch of scenic Route 6 that goes through Utah, and what gems you can find along the way.

J.W. Powell River History Museum


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The importance of rivers cannot be understated in the Western part of the country, and Utah is no exception with it’s Green and Colorado Rivers. That’s why so many people have enjoyed learning more about rivers and river running from the JW Powell River History Museum in Green River.

Beyond the boat room, dinosaur exploration, and the crossroads of west exhibits, visitors can also explore the art gallery, and more about JW Powell’s life such as the founding of the USGS.

Utah State University East Prehistoric Museum


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If you (or someone you’re traveling with) loves everything dinosaurs, then you cannot go wrong with a visit to the Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah. The museum features tours and a children’s discovery center where they can get down and dirty with some dino bones.

The museum has a very extensive collections of dinosaur bones, a woolly mammoth display, and even a local artists gallery as well.

Tie Fork Rest Area UtahTie Fork Rest Area

A rest area? Absolutely, especially considering the Tie Fork Rest Area has been voted as one of the top ten in all of America, so that means it is a must see. It’s got your conventional needs covered, but also adds a bit more like a “bark park” for your pets, a replica steam locomotive, and area history.

The rest area also has another special attraction, it’s less than two miles away from a ghost town, Tucker, Utah that was abandoned when the railroad moved in 1913.

Fifth Water Hotsprings


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Anyone who has ever been to Utah will tell you that it has so many amazing outdoor experiences you barely need to see anything else. Not far from Spanish Fork, Utah you’ll find Fifth Water Hotsprings, a naturally occurring hot water pools smack in the middle of nature.

Around the Spanish Fork area, there is plenty of other outdoor activities to be had along the Fifth Waters Creek, including hiking and trail running. Keep an eye out for waterfalls too.

Well, there you have it. These highlight some of the main attractions you’ll see when traveling along scenic Route 6 through Utah. Not only will you learn quite a bit about the history of Utah, you’ll be able to explore some new things too.

You won’t be disappointed!

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