So you love the outdoors, but not so much to the extent that of sleeping in a little tent and sleeping bag. You can’t imagine going a few days without a restroom, running water or even WiFi! We have some excellent news about a great trend in camping – Glamping!

What exactly is Glamping? Glamping is the combination of glamour and camping and is an increasingly popular way to spend a few days in the woods. Glamping combines a traditional camping experience with the luxury amenities you’d find at a hotel. Oh yes, you read right. Luxurious camping! These amenities usually include a full lodging site with fresh bed sheets, restrooms, in-room dining service, direct access to your outdoor destination and come in a wide variety of different style tents.

Glamping is a fun way to experience the camping hobby without the struggle of finding a camp spot, carrying your equipment for miles and going for days without a comfortable bed or restroom. There are several Glamping destinations located around the United States that can easily be accessed by your vehicle. So tell us, have you ever been Glamping? How was your experience?