The Drive The Nation team is based in one of the hottest states in good ole’ USA. We’re in Florida. No one knows hot and humid summers like we do. In fact, when it’s not hot we’re wondering if the world is coming to an end. We pretty much have 2 seasons: hot and hotter. That said, when it comes to staying hydrated when know how important it is and we wanted to make sure that you know how important it is too.

Forgetting to hydrate is common, especially while traveling. Sometimes you just don’t feel thirsty and other times you simply don’t even think about sipping on water until it’s too late. Other times, if you aren’t actively around a water source, it’s easy forget to drink water. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to stay hydrated. If you aren’t regularly around a water cooler or water foundation, invest in a water bottle. We love this one by CamelBak. The initial cost may be a bit steep for some but it’s a great value as you can keep refilling this bad boy up time and time again.

Traveling and find that traditional water bottles can be a little too bulky? Purchase a few collapsible water bottles! We think these are just the coolest water bottles on the planet. When headed to the airport, you can toss them in your carry-on luggage and once you get past security, you can fill them up water and use as a regular water bottle. They stand upright and can be filled and emptied a dozen times.

Prefer glass? Worry not! Lifefactory glass bottles come with convenient flip tops making them easy to use on the go. Of course the glass means the bottle will be just a tad bit heavier than plastic, but the re-usability of the glass still makes it fun.

Do you have a favorite water bottle?