Strollers and prams. They’ve been around for years. Chances are your parents’ parents pushed them in strollers. But what about your great-grandparents? Were strollers even around when they were little ones? They weren’t! Babies were strapped to their mothers’ backs, hips and fronts and toted everywhere. Babywearing has been around for centuries and for whatever reason, it has become “cool” again to wear your baby. As a new mom, I knew that I’d always want a stroller for my daughter but I had no idea how little use it would get. In fact I much prefer to wear my daughter than to push her in a stroller.

Babywearing is especially useful while traveling. Dealing with a stroller, luggage and all of the extra necessities that come with traveling can be difficult. Add a fussy baby to the mix and that can stress everyone out even more. I’ve found that wrapping my baby up on my hip not only soothes her and keeps her involved with what’s going but it allows you to do what you have to do handsfree. Babywearing through the airport is even more helpful because it helps you keep baby close while navigating.

Think babywearing is just a woman’s job? It’s not! There are several comfortable carriers that men can wear. My husband enjoys wearing my daughter because it’s a great bonding experience and he loves being able to comfort her while getting things done. Many parents worry about “spoiling” their children and would rather have them sit along than carry them around. I suppose it’s a personal thing and each baby is different but my child has never seemed to be extraordinarily “needy” due to my wearing her.

I’ve even found that my Mom likes to wear my daughter. When we’re out and about, she doesn’t mind strapping her to her waist and bouncing her along. Our stroller doesn’t get much use. Perhaps when my daughter gets a little heavier, we’ll use it more but for now we love babywearing…especially while traveling.

Photo courtesy of Rebel Heart. Read about how she toddler wears on a boat!